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Friday, June 24 2011

Don't forget me...

We spent the day exploring Hong Kong, a city I gave high reviews to on a few travel sites. It is clean, modern, vibrant and interesting. 

I will post a "reflection of Borneo" in a few days with all my favorite pictures, but until then,

selamat tinggal (Malay for "good bye")
Thank You for joining me!


The streets of Kowloon Hong Kong

Swimming facilities at Kowloon Park

The nature center in Kowloon Park.

The view across the bay. The boat in the foreground is called a "junk", it is a traditional Chinese sailing vessel. They have been around since 200 B.C.!

"Two International". One of the buildings of Hong Kong's International Finance Centre

First time on a "double-decker bus". The city is filled with double-decker buses shuttling residents to and fro!

Victoria Peak is a tall peak overlooking Hong Kong, in the old Colonial days only the richest people could afford to visit the peak to escape the heat and humidity. Today you can drive to the top and overlook the city from this viewing platform.

Bruce Lee and I meet again at the top of Victoria Peak...

The Kowloon Night Market: everything you never wanted but couldn't live without, at incredibly cheap Chinese prices!!!

The following day I had several flights to finally make it home (22 hours in the air): Hong Kong > Tokyo > Seattle> Denver > Billings

...And even though I was traveling for more than 24 hours I arrived in Billings only a few hours after I left Hong Kong.  Due to time changes and the International Date Line, I left Hong Kong at 8am and arrived in Billings at 5pm on the same day!!!


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