Friday, August 12, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 6:36am

Danau Girang Field Center canteen screened in porch.
Only two full days left in camp and what an incredible experience it has been!
I’ve been thinking more and more about the family back home. Yesterday I logged into my google account at the Center’s computer lab to store our data on a Doc and I saw that Christi sent a Happy Father’s Day email. The picture on the email melted my heart: both kiddos were holding a small sign, “Happy Fathers Day Dad”…. It seems that I am rarely home on Father’s day, instead I am in some far off land, chasing wild dreams instead of home. In the past four years, I have spent three Father’s Days away: Greenland, Mongolia, Borneo.
~Last night, our fearless leader Jill led us in group yoga. I’d never done yoga before. We stretched, we relaxed and when we were done, most of us were a pile of uber-relaxed goo on the floor. I slept like a king!
This morning my Biodiversity group boarded boats again to search for more vertebrates. By 10 am my watch was reading 97 degrees and it kept climbing all morning. The air here is still, stagnant and thick. However, I am feeling quite adjusted to the conditions and have never felt terribly uncomfortable.
Soon we will eat lunch then sit for a few talks in the afternoon.

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