Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

At the Danau Girang Field Center
I have nothing in my journal but field notes for this day, I think I was having trouble writing after losing two journals. I will post pictures of the days events for this blog.
An Egret takes flight. photo: Mollye Nardi

An Oriental Pied Hornbill watches us pass by. photo: Mollye Nardi

Long Tailed Macaque hanging out on the river bank. photo: Mollye Nardi

Egret soars over our heads. photo: Mollye Nardi

Kids play in Sukau. photo: Mollye Nardi

Barge travels up the Kinabatangan. photo: Mollye Nardi

Sobrin, Samsudin's son, digs into coconuts for us to drink at dinner.
Several times we encountered this same unusual scene. Yellow and blue butterflies would bunch up, blue with blue and yellow with yellow. They would leave a buffer zone between themselves, reminiscent of early warfare, both sides showing their power and holding the ranks. I never did figure out why the butterflies acted this way...

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