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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 8:05 am

The skies of Borneo gave us one last show the night before departure. Lightning, rain, and unparalleled beauty!

The Last Full Day in Borneo…
The last full day always brings up mixed emotions: sadness that my journey is coming to an end; that we will part as a group and most of us will never see each other again; that I am leaving Borneo; that this may be my last opportunity to experience an adventure with Earth Expeditions.  Likewise, it brings emotions of excitement and happiness when I think of getting back to Christi, Rigley, Rock and Danger.  It is important that I remind myself how much I thought of them during times of frustration. As I write this I can see Danger’s face, grinning one floppy ear to the next, nose all wrinkled up as he greets me with a big smile every day, rain or shine, bad day or good day, crabby or happy. I appreciate the life lesson he teaches me: love unconditionally.
I’ve got of presentations today. My Inquiry group is presenting our data on vertebrate biodiversity along the Kinabatangan River and I will be presenting my paper (get ready for this outlandish title) “Examining the Ecological Role of Primates: Understanding the relationship between Primates and their natural environment in Borneo and the argument for sustaining ecological relationships as a conservation tool” (I have been reading so many journal articles lately with monstrous titles, I figured my paper should reflect that as well, why not!) along with the rest of my Discussion group.  It is a good think the ceiling fans are turned up high, because it is going to be a lot of sitting around for the next few hours…

NOTE: Journal “take 2” has been found!!! This is the journal that contained the first 7 days or so of my trip. When we reached Danau Girang Field Center, I realized it was gone when my side pocket was open. I figured it must have fallen out somewhere along the way. Jose P. called back to Sukau and they were able to find it in a vehicle at the village. Ahbam is going to deliver it to the Jetty on the day we depart from DGFC. I AM ELATED!

Our fearless instructors: Jill and Jose

Journal #2 has been recovered!!!!

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