Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011; 7:00pm

Sepilok Bed and Breakfast; Sepilok, Malaysia

~I figured I would take a brief moment before dinner to recap this incredible day: This morning we rose at 6am and met up with 19 of the people from our group (two had not yet arrived). We nibbled on toast and weak coffee for breakfast (I later found out the “coffee” was tea, hence the reason it seemed so “weak”…darn language barrier).  We took a short walk to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, a facility where orphaned and injured Orangutans are brought to be cared for.  We went out to a viewing platform in the rainforest to see the caretakers feed the Orangutans that have been released into a preserve nearby…..
I fell asleep while writing.  I recall that I was doing this journal after a very long, hot, humid day, lying on my bed in a stuffy room with a small ceiling fan struggling to push the thick air around.  And, while writing, I dozed off and awoke in the morning.  Reading ahead in the journal I realize that things start go get very ‘random’ for a few days, with reflections going all the way back to Hong Kong, but as promised earlier, I won’t ‘clean’ it up to make sense. I will transcribe exactly the way my heat-stroked brain was forcing my hand to put it on the paper…

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