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Sunday, June 16, 2011 6:32pm

Sleeping dorms at Danau Girang Field Center
Danau Girang Field Station canteen (dining room)
Hmmmm….where do I begin….
I’ve now lost my second journal. The first journal “loss” was upsetting, this “loss” borders on comical, it seems that I need to work on my organization and be more responsible (something mama reminds me of a lot at home too) I am actually more sad than upset. I spent a lot of time writing things I felt were quite profound and reflecting on events that were life-changing. I have lost my species list, my list of the names of all the local people I’ve met and a small piece of my history. I suppose it is nothing to dwell on because it will either show up someday…or…it won’t!
As you probably noticed, the journal DID show up, it was the past 8 days of blog posts. More about HOW it showed up later.
So, I will start where I left off, being hopeful that journal 1 and 2 find their way home
To date, journal 1 is still missing, probably still riding around in that Boeing 747…
~We left Sukau behind and said farewell to our homestay family so we could travel North to another village and board boats to take us to the Danau Girang Field Center (DGFC); A field center ran by Cardiff University in England for research of rainforest ecology and primates.
The hour road trip was good, the hour boat ride leisurely and the accommodations lovely. It all should make for a great start to the second half of the course!
What is the one thing that can bring a person back from the brink of heat exhaustion? See Below.

The answer: Ice cream hiding in a small shop with a dirt floor. Life could get NO better!

Loading the boats for the ride to the Danau Girang Field Center
Homework? Really?....yup...burning the midnight oil to get it done!

A white Egret leads us up a tributary of the Kinabatangan at sunset.

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